Medicine is the study of disease and what causes men to die. Chiropractic is the study of health and what causes man to LIVE.

The Chiropractic Meaning of Life

Principle 2 – The Chiropractic Meaning of Life

I am enjoying continuing our exposition on Chiropractic Philosophy. This also helps me understand the philosophy better because, ‘if you can’t teach it, you don’t know it’. “Doctor” (which comes from the Latin word ‘docere’ = ‘to teach’) means teacher not healer. A growth mindset means you are challenging your belief systems, eliminating what doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, and building with those ideas and concepts that stand true. So let’s build on our 1st video explanation.

For a recap, the 1st principle states that there is a universal intelligence that keeps all living things in existence, and gives to those living things its characteristics and properties. You can see the video explanation here. As the basis for our philosophy, we have to build upon this idea. Principle 2 builds on the Main Premise. This Principle states that the expression of this Universal Intelligence through matter is the Chiropractic Meaning of Life. As living things, since there is a Universal Intelligence that gives its properties and characteristics to all living things to maintain them in existence, we have a portion of Universal Intelligence in us. That portion of Universal Intelligence is called Innate Intelligence.

Chiropractic Philosophy is logical and deductive

To be dependable and reproducible, philosophy must be based on deductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning is a portion of Logic. The idea that I start with a truth, and develop future ideas based on that truth, which makes those subsequent ideas, true. For example, if you know that you need $5 to buy ice cream and that you have $4 in your wallet, you deduce that you won’t be able to purchase ice cream today.

A Cup of the Ocean

Think about it like this: If I go to the beach, and take a coffee mug, and fill that mug with ocean water, I have a portion of the ocean in the mug. It has the same qualities as the water in the ocean, just the quantity is different.

Innate Intelligence is the same. It is the portion of Universal Intelligence, in us, same qualities, different quantity. Well, if Principle 1 is true, then Innate Intelligence in us, when allowed to express itself through matter (our bodies) will coordinate and control our every function in such a way as to ensure our survival and proper function (i.e. health).

Chiropractic care works with the Innate Intelligence of the body – not against!

So Principled Chiropractic care’s purest purpose is to correct vertebral subluxations, so that the Innate Intelligence of the body can fully express itself. Our goal is to fully satisfy the 2nd Principle, to assist the Innate Intelligence of the body, perform its duties and obligations to the best of its ability.

We do not interfere with the way that the body is functioning. We do not recommend taking chemical stresses (medications, drugs, injections) of any kind, because they work against the function of the Innate Intelligence of the body. Symptoms are not always a bad thing, they can be a reflection of good function. Think of a fever, or vomiting. If you have a bacteria or virus, and your nervous system is directing your immune system to act, then those ‘symptoms’ are actually ‘good’ for you. Stop messing with them!

When the nerve system is free and clear from subluxation nerve interference, the Innate Intelligence is able to express itself fully through all of the cells, tissues, and organs. This is the fullest expression of the Chiropractic Meaning of Life!



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