• That head-tilt isn't cute

That Head-Tilt isn’t Cute…

That Driver’s License Pic says a lot about you…

When was the last time you really looked at your driver’s license picture? Besides the “What was I thinking doing my hair or makeup like that?”… Maybe compare your DL picture to some other pictures of yourself and you will start to see a trend – head tilt. All this time you thought you being cute, but that head-tilt isn’t cute…. it’s a symptom of a deeper problem.

Head-Tilt – it’s an Atlas Thing

C1, aka Atlas, is so named for the Greek god ‘Atlas‘, who held the world on his shoulders. C1 is the first bone of the neck and is unique in that it doesn’t have the same type of joints (known as facets) as the other bones of the spine. Because of this feature, C1 is allowed to move freely, and is the 1st bone to subluxate during stress. That subluxation is most commonly seen in head tilts. Your head should sit on Atlas straight up and down, left to right. When Atlas subluxates, the head will usually tilt opposite to Atlas subluxation.

What’s the Big Deal?

Well, when C1 subluxates, it applies pressure to the brain stem, causing a decrease in nerve flow. That decrease in nerve flow affects the whole body, and how the nerve system is able to control and coordinate how the body works. So an Atlas subluxation is the start of dis-ease (lack of harmony) process, which, when allowed to worsen over a lifetime, creates diseases. Who wants to wait for that to happen?

So…. let’s talk about this case then

This correction was amazing, both in structural change, as well as physiological / functional change. She was referred to our office by an existing practice member who had amazing positive outcomes with care. She was suffering from headaches, paresthesias (pins, needles, tingling, numbness, and weakness) into her arms and hands, and of course, neck pain. As you can see, her head tilt was pretty severe. The amount of pressure on her brain stem was severe as well. All of this was aggravated by her job (nail tech). We had 3 months to work with her, and the change in her spine was remarkable. What was even better was that all of her symptoms and pain resolved within the first few weeks. She was able to work without pain and her sleep improved drastically.

How much is your Quality of Life worth?

Chiropractic correction of subluxations are the foundation of restoring function and health. It is the nerve system (brain and spinal cord) that keep the body either functioning properly (health) or improperly. Getting checked and adjusted when necessary, early and regularly, is the best health insurance …. especially when it protects you from having to use your “sick Insurance”.

That head-tilt isn't cute, but the result of an Atlas Subluxation

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