• Chiropractic is NOT universal

Chiropractic is NOT Universal…

Have you been to a chiropractic office for a while and have been receiving the same adjustment over and over again? Like, nothing changes…. ever? That’s not right. Let me explain.

Subluxation based chiropractic is beneficial because, regardless of the technique, the goal of restoring nerve system integrity is its main goal. Since the body is a dynamic system, principled, subluxation based chiropractic should also be dynamic in its analysis and application. Symptom based chiropractic is NOT universally beneficial because its goal is not to restore nerve system integrity, but to relieve symptoms, in a non-medical manner.

It is important to be under regular, chiropractic care. Ensuring nerve system integrity is the foundation to health and proper function. But, don’t get proper subluxation analysis and correction confused with spinal manipulation – they are not the same.

All chiropractors are not the same

Just as all chiropractors are not the same, all chiropractic adjustments are not the same. Just because someone has been under chiropractic care for a long time, doesn’t mean they have been having their subluxations corrected.

In this case, we have a 58 year old male, who recently moved to our area. He was under “regular” chiropractic care before relocating, and hadn’t received an adjustment in almost a year.

His old chiropractor found us through Google, and recommended us. He started noticing increased back pain as he was working, occasional headaches, and occasional radiating pain into his arms. So he came by for a “tune up”.

As is customary in our office, we took x-rays to get a baseline of where his spine was. These initial x-rays show us the areas of the spine that have suffered for years, and help tell the story that brought us into the present.

Surprise, Surprise…

To his surprise, his neck was no where it was supposed to be. He couldn’t believe he was in such spinal misalignment, after being under care for so years. He said that he would get the same adjustment every time he went to get checked, which was once every 2 weeks. The “Miracle 7” is when you get both sides of your neck, three in your mid back, and both sides of your low back / pelvis adjusted. The major problem is that there is no specificity, no purpose to the action.

Unlike symptom based care, we analyze for nerve system function by the spinal alignment, and adjust if necessary, where necessary. This is the part of our care that not only sets us apart from other chiropractic offices, but also what helps us get the results we are able to achieve. I love getting these results, and seeing the eye opening, deer caught in the headlights look, when the x-rays change so much, AND we can see such changes in function.

Needles to say…

We are going to say it anyway… Chiropractic is NOT universal in its outcome, if the philosophy behind it is not properly applied. This patient not only regained energy and vitality (to work and play as he wished), but also began to sleep deeper (more dreams), and saw some medical conditions improve (headaches, blood pressure, and digestion).

We don’t adjust to lower blood pressure or relieve headaches. We adjust to correct vertebral subluxations, knowing that the innate intelligence of the body will begin to restore proper function when free to flow. His outcomes weren’t unique to him either. There was nothing special about him. These are the same expectations that we have of all of our clients: the body was made to heal itself. You have that already inside of you. Use chiropractic properly to express your Innate Intelligence to its highest potential!