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Principled Chiropractic Adjustment


Why Subluxation based Chiropractic?

Chiropractic comes in 2 flavors: subluxation based care and pain based care. Our office subscribes to the vitalistic approach to chiropractic which is subluxation based care.

Pain based care (neck pain, back pain, headaches, auto accidents) only addresses the symptom of a problem while ignoring its root cause.

Cervical subluxations irritating cervical nerve roots
Cervical spine subluxations

Spinal Structural Correction

Spinal Structural Correction

Our approach to subluxation based care is outcome driven.

Like braces for teeth, the spine needs both force (a Chiropractic Adjustment) plus time to change in alignment. The closer we are able to maintain the spine to its ideal alignment, the longer the spine and all related structures, will last. Just like braces, there is a corrective phase where the dentition is fixed, then there is a maintenance phase, where a retainer is used, to keep the teeth in their new position.

We take initial X-Rays to determine length of corrective care, as well as follow up x-rays to determine continuation of care. Spinal alignment restoration is key to stimulating restoration of function.

Check out our Spinal Correction Highlights in our Blog

Before and After results of subluxation based chiropractic adjustments….


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    Is something else causing your headaches?

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    Isn’t exercise good for you?

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    Never had back problems?

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    The Chiropractic Meaning of Life

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  • Cervical Spine Subluxations and Neck Pain

    Cervical Spine Subluxations and Neck Pain

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  • Chiropractic Philosophy – The Main Premise

    Chiropractic Philosophy – The Main Premise

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  • Chiropractic Spinal Correction For Lumbar Dysfunction

    Chiropractic Spinal Correction For Lumbar Dysfunction

    Case 10: severe lumbar disc and bone degeneration What an amazing restoration of function and Quality of Life!!! In this case, we have a 68 year old male. You guessed it: referred by one of our established clients. He was very active (pickleball, snow boarding, surfing, volleyball, body building, etc), but one day…. he woke…

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  • Spinal Correction Spotlight: Case 17

    Spinal Correction Spotlight: Case 17

    This case had a wonderful outcome. This person was referred to us from a long term, existing client of ours, who was helped greatly by subluxation based care. Background: She was at work and bent over to pick up some inventory, when she felt something “pop” in her low back. She was immediately unable to…

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Bob BenderBob Bender

22:12 28 Aug 23
Dr. Romar is absolutely amazing! Best and only chiropractor I ever want to go to. His ability to assess and work through the needed adjustments is excellent. Professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and discerning! I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to get and stay healthy.

Michele PerryMichele Perry

20:15 25 Aug 23
Romar has truly made a difference in my life in managing my health, including those aches & pains! Highly recommend him!

Rob ElliottRob Elliott

16:47 01 Oct 22
Highly recommend Rochet Family Chiropractic! We’ve been coming here for years and love the personal care we are provided every time.


02:27 03 Jun 22
Could not recommend more highly

Kristine YatesKristine Yates

20:11 15 Apr 22
Dr Rochet always greets with a smile and has made me feel better than I have in over two years!!! Thank you for being very thorough to explain everything. I would recommend Dr Rochet 100% to anyone need Chiropractic treatment 😊


16:57 19 Jan 22
This is the 3rd chiropractor I’ve been to for care. Dr. Rochet is the only one who has listened to my concerns and actually made a care plan for me and my wife. I can finally do my job free of back and neck pain. Much appreciated! Would definitely recommend to anyone who has back or neck pain. Also he has helped solve an issue with constant migraines that I’ve had for years!

Bennett FowlerBennett Fowler

20:16 03 Jan 22
After receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Rotchet I no longer have everyday pain and have had a significant improvement in my sleep.

Paula AllenPaula Allen

17:16 12 Feb 21
Dr. Rochet is a very experienced and knowledgeable chiropractor. I have been going to Dr. Rochet for over a year and feel much better. My neck discomfort has greatly improved, i sleep better at night, and my entire body functions better. He will be my chiropractor as long as he is in practice.

Wendy KennedyWendy Kennedy

20:20 20 Jul 20
I have been going to Dr. Rochet for two and a half years and have never felt better. In the past I suffered with sciatica for many months out of every year. From the first visit with Dr. Rochet I have not had any sciatic pain!!!!! I also sleep much better every night. I convinced my husband to go to him as well and he has helped him so much, I have been to several chiropractors during my life, but he is definitely the very best I have ever been to and the most caring. We consider him a treasured friend now as well. I will definitely continue to recommend him to anyone who wants to totally feel better.

Paul SternPaul Stern

15:07 11 Mar 15
I have been treated by Dr. Rochet for several months now. He is an excellent Chiropractor with a vast knowledge and a passion for his practice. As a patient, I find him to be attentive, friendly and informative. As an athlete, he has been instrumental in the maintenance and recovery of my body, as well as offered very helpful advice in accessory movements to help increase my range of motion, mobility and strength.As an insurance adjuster dealing with personal injury claims, I have dealt with hundreds of Chiropractors and many have proven to be less than reputable. Upon meeting with Dr. Rochet, I was well received by both him and his staff. All my questions and concerns were immediately addressed and I felt extremely comfortable and welcomed.I have witnessed Dr. Rochet adjusting people of all ages, races, and disabilities. I urge anyone who is considering chiropractic care or looking for a new chiropractor to visit Dr. Rochet and experience his skill for yourself. You will NOT be disappointed! 🙂