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Spinal Correction Spotlight: Case 17

This case had a wonderful outcome. This person was referred to us from a long term, existing client of ours, who was helped greatly by subluxation based care.

Background: She was at work and bent over to pick up some inventory, when she felt something “pop” in her low back. She was immediately unable to stand up straight without pain shooting across her waist into her legs. She was unable to finish her shift, and had to have her husband come pick her up because she could not drive. She took various OTC NSAIDS (Tylenol, Advil, Alleve) as well as some prescription medications (muscle relaxers), without any relief. This lasted for a few days before she reached out to our office. Luckily, a friend of hers told her to seek out help from us, before going through more invasive, and involved medical route of pain relief (which would have consisted of corticosteroid injections, and when those didn’t work, spinal surgery).

We took initial films and discovered some amount of spinal and disc degeneration. The correct term is spondylosis. This is common. Based on our exam findings and x-ray analysis, we recommended a 6 month corrective care plan, and proceeded to adjust her subluxations.

It is evident, when you look at the top image compared to the right, that there was a significant shift in her posture and her spinal alignment. The main issue was her sacro-pelvic alignment. She suffered from what is called an AI sacrum (her sacrum went anterior and inferior) on the right. This is the most destructive alignment pattern for the sacrum, as this affects the rest of the spine as well.

We are so happy to see that she has not had a return of her symptoms since those follow up x-rays were taken. More importantly, she has been able to return to exercise, as well as vacationing without fear of the effects of that pelvic instability. Se is currently under maintenance care, and is more active now, than she was before her injury.