• Chiropractic and auto accidents

Chiropractic and auto accidents

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I am sure you have seen these ads on the side of every bus and billboard advertising for an accident attorney. Big payouts. “Such and such got me $800 Billion dollars.” They always portray the client smiling. The sad truth is that person had to suffer immensely, and lost a significant quality of life, to “win” that money. They are left with huge medical bills, and lifetime pain management. What they don’t have is correction to the damaged parts of their spine as a result of the trauma. Why? Because they go to pain management. For some, Chiropractic and auto accidents go hand in hand. But that is pain relief, not health care.

Health is more than just feeling good.

“Feel” is a bad 4 letter F word. You can be feeling good and dying of cancer. When you have been injured in an auto accident, it is usually the spine that suffers the most. Ligaments get sprained. Tendons and muscles get strained. Those scream the loudest. You know what doesn’t have symptoms: damage to the spine, its alignment, and its supportive structures. You can go get all the massage and physical therapy you want. Those modalities never correct the spinal alignment issues that create a lifetime of degeneration and loss of quality of life and health.

Subluxations that form after an auto accident are some of the most destructive because they were formed under trauma. That trauma has affected more than just the bones. That trauma has created weakness. That is why chiropractic is best for auto accidents. Chiropractic will correct the subluxations, and help the body heal the weakness. That healing restores alignment and motion. We see principled chiropractic care improving quality of life because the spine is able to return to a more normal position. Like having an alignment done on your car.

Chiropractic is best for auto accidents
Chiropractic is best for auto accidents

You can never start too early

In this case, we have a 64 year old female who was in a rear impact MVA. The challenge when seeing someone who is older that was in an MVA, is that there is already an underlying degeneration to the spine. That subluxation degeneration has already created a weakness. When you traumatize a subluxation weakness, that weakness gets injured worse than the stronger healthier areas of the spine. By God’s grace, she was receiving sporadic chiropractic care before she as involved in the MVA. As a result she was in decent shape before suffering the injuries.

When you look at the before and after, the improvement in alignment is significant. She gained 13 degrees of better curvature. Her forward head posture was reduced taking significant pressure of off her neck muscles. Because we were able to correct just these 2 factors, she has gained better neck movement than she had before the accident. Yes, the neck pain, parasthesias, and headaches have all resolved. Also, remember that at her age, the spine has already suffered degeneration. To improve spinal alignment after advanced degeneration is a testament to the innate healing ability of the body.

Moral of the story…

You should be being checked for subluxations as part of your good health care plan. Don’t wait for there to be a health emergency before you do. Correcting subluxations ensures a strong brain – body connection, promoting perfect expression of your Innate Intelligence Force through matter. That prepares you to be able to deal with the trauma of an accident. When the spine is in good alignment, it is better prepared to adapt to stress. That’s why principled, subluxation based chiropractic is best for auto accidents.