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With so many chiropractors to choose from, why our office? Selecting the right chiropractor for you and your family is a big decision, one with LIFE-long consequences. What do you look for in a chiropractor? What should you avoid?

Not all Chiropractors are Subluxation based

Spinal Structural Correction Chiropractic focuses on correcting subluxations. Subluxations are misalignments of the spine that interfere with the nerve system and disrupt the normal function of your spine. Your spine is your foundation. If the foundation is bad, your function is bad. This approach is completely different than “chiropractic pain relief”. We do accept all cases for care, however, our office’s specialty is focused on the detection and correction of subluxation and in the restoration of a proper structure.

The Maintenance of Health is Far Superior to the Treatment of DIS-EASE

Your nerve system is responsible for maintaining your function. Good function = HEALTH. Correcting subluxations brings the BRAIN-BODY connection back to full strength. Why wait for a illness condition to form when, in most cases, those conditions can be prevented? Subluxations disrupt the EASE (harmony) that your nerve system is trying to create within you. Chronic DIS-EASE produces disease! Correcting your subluxations helps your Nerve System maintain your body in a state of proper adaptation, which produces internal EASE = HEALTH!

You have family and friends that are subluxated… and don’t even know it!

The word Subluxation comes from 3 parts: SUB=less than; LUX=Latin for light, ATION=a condition of.... In other words, a condition of less light (or life) in the body. The result of spinal structural correction is to strengthen the brain - body connection for improved function, which leads to health over time. By the way, you don't need to have symptoms to be checked for subluxation because many subluxations don't have symptoms to raise the alarm.

Adjustments are safe and necessary for a WHOLE, healthy family

Birth, even natural birth, is traumatic to the spine. The first subluxation forms at birth. Subluxations that are left to become chronic, not only affect how well our body works, but also affects how we grow and develop. Over time, chronic subluxations can result in spinal degeneration (arthrosis, spondylosis, stenosis) which decreases our quality of life and negatively affects our activities of daily living. We believe the entire family should be checked for subluxation as early as possible, so that everyone, regardless of age, can be subluxation free, for as long as possible. Our office welcomes individuals and families. Our care plans reflect our commitment to making chiropractic care accessible to everyone.

Symptoms are Secondary Conditions, not the underlying Primary CAUSE!

Symptoms like pain, inflammation, stiffness are not the problem, but the EFFECTS and alarms of a problem. You can cover up and medicate your symptoms (to DEATH) without ever getting healthier. Correcting subluxations is correcting the CAUSE of DIS-EASE. DIS-EASE is inefficiency and lost potential. Fix the Cause, fix the problem, RESTORE potential.

Structural Correction Chiropractic is UNIQUE in FOCUS and PURPOSE

A Doctor of Chiropractic who practices spinal structural correction is concerned with restoring the integrity of the spine and nerve system. In doing so, the person's own inborn / innate healing ability is increased, allowing them to restore "normal" function from the inside out. This method focuses on maintaining health and increasing resistance to stress, not merely waiting for a stress related health problem to start.

Step 1: Initial case workup

Download, fill out completely and bring your initial paperwork to your first appointment. This will help expedite your day 1 visit. On Day 1 we will perform a spinal specific health history, take x-rays of the area of the spine the doctor determines is important and relevant, and if possible, receive your first chiropractic adjustment.

Step 2: X-Ray report of findings and care recommendations

Here we will recap your health history and show you your spinal x-rays. We will show you your subluxation(s), the effects of the subluxation(s), and discuss the plan(s) available. At this point, the choice is yours as to whether you want to continue with structural correction or not. It is your health, you decide.

Step 3: Take Responsibility for your HEALTH

Protective Chiropractic care is a foundational part of a healthy lifestyle. After you complete your prescribed corrective plan, we recommend you maintain those changes through a Protective Care Plan. By keeping your Nerve System free from Subluxation interference, eating an organic diet, exercising regularly, getting sufficient rest and maintaining a positive mental attitude, you will set yourself up for a healthier Life experience.

What's so dangerous about subluxation anyway... my medical doctor has NEVER mentioned it!

MD's are trained to identify disease, illness, and emergencies that are life threatening. They are not trained in the detection or the correction of subluxation. Since subluxations interrupt healthy system function, MD's are forever treating the EFFECTS (Symptoms) while missing the CAUSE. Subluxations form from chemical (medications/drugs, cleaning agents), physical (work postures, listing, exercising) and emotional (work, family, personal) stress. Subluxations can remain silent for years, growing, creating chronic nerve interference, before they produce a single symptom. For many, the first symptom of a chronic subluxation is death.

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